stopwasstaafje douglas, borma 15gr. (zacht) 54


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Met de zachte stopwas kan je snel en gemakkelijk kleine beschadigingen in het hout repareren.

How to use

  • Using a screwdriver or a sharp chisel, remove any splinters or damaged wood from the area to be repaired, in order to form a sound base for the application of the wax.

  • To correct the imperfections, cover the area with the product. To refill small chips, press the product directly in the hole, with the aid of a spatula, bring it out to level off. In case of particularly grained surfaces one can reproduce the grained effect by applying over with a spatula.

  • Once finished the filling stage, reclean the wood of grease or surplus filler, using steel wool”000″ or “0000” to get the furniture polished evenly.

  • To improve the shade, touch up with the Colour Edging Pen,Touch-up dye Pen,Graining Pen, Touch-up dye or Colour touch-up.


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